Workshops and Seminars

Inspired Strategies provides an effective resource for workshops and seminars that can be conducted at a site of your choice.  Maria Saley is an experienced speaker and facilitator with a wide variety of experience with businesses, trade organizations, non-profits, and post secondary education.

All workshops and seminars are very interactive and provide significant learning within the seminar. Length of sessions can vary depending on the client’s requirements. These sessions can be split up as well, to allow work in between sessions.

Upcoming Retirement Workshops

Maria Saley will be conducting open courses this fall as follows.

Plan your Ideal Retirement:  Beyond the Dollars:  September 24th and October 1, 2017  9:00-1:00

Plan your Ideal Retirement: Beyond the Dollars:  November 19 and 26, 2017  9:00-1:00

If  you are interested in signing up, please use the contact information on this website.


Workshop Topics

Coaching-out-of-the-Box® Coaching skills for Leaders – What if you and your organization were fully able to maximize the strengths and talents of your people? What if you were able to create a culture of collaboration and partnership that facilitated human excellence? This program teaches hands-on coaching skills that participants can use right away. There are licensed trainers across North America who can deliver this program to all your branch offices.

Be the CEO of Your Life!  Discover what inspires you and how to put it to work for yourself.  Successful businesses develop strategies and branding to ensure that the company is focused on what matters most.  When you are the CEO of your Life, you will create strategies to provide guidance and focus on what matters most for your future.  “Be the CEO of your Life” is also offered as individual coaching.     Accomplish what you really want; to be more successful as well as to have more of what you want in life.

Plan your Ideal Retirement!: Learn how to maintain vitality and purpose into retirement. Learn about the 15 important facets of retirement life that need to be considered for successful retirement and how to improve on them. Participants can also complete a specialized retirement assessment before the class to enhance their learning and personal planning.

Generations, Bridging the Gap: We now have 4 generations in the workplace and this is creating challenges in the workplace because of different attitudes, communication methods and beliefs. Learn why each generation has distinct characteristics and how to bridge the gaps between them. This workshop includes exercises and information to help everyone work more effectively together.

Difficult Conversations: We often avoid the most important conversations because of the stress involved in having them and the risk of an undesirable outcome. This workshop helps with identifying when and how to conduct a difficult conversation

Build an Effective and Accountable Team: Learn skills to inspire your team and address the key dysfunctions that prevent productivity. This seminar includes strategies to work with multi-generational teams and is perfect for an in-house workshop with the complete team.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Learn the key elements of Emotional Intelligence, how to improve them, and how they contribute to success. Individual and team assessments can be conducted using the Bar-On EQ-i assessment tool.