Leadership Coaching

Maria Saley is a Certified Executive Coach with significant corporate experience. Through a process of discovery, she helps leaders to:

  • Define their goals
  • Identify gaps that need bridging to their next level of success
  • Strengthen specific interpersonal, communication, leadership or managerial skills
  • Build and execute solid development plans that fit with overall corporate strategies

 Maria strongly encourages authentic leadership and works with her clients to find ways that they can be successful using their natural strengths and interests   She helps leaders to uncover new ideas and solutions to overcome issues that they are facing and then to take a strategic approach to planning for success. As a skilled facilitator, Maria works with groups as well as one-on-one and is very comfortable with all levels of an organization.

In her coaching, Maria draws on over 26 years of corporate leadership experience with a variety of organizations. In addition to her own experience as a leader, her continuous interaction with the management of leading international client companies has further contributed to her understanding of organizational challenges and priorities.  She respects and encourages the link between employee’s goals and organizational goals and has perspective on potential opportunities and issues.  She also teaches a number of business and leadership courses for the University of Calgary and is constantly updating her skills and knowledge.

Maria’s Value Statement

“Inspired Strategies.”  With a mix of support and challenge, I encourage leaders to explore new options that they can be inspired about. Then I work with them to ensure that ideas are translated into strategies with specific goals and action plans.  I help them to understand where their unique strengths and abilities provide value and where blind spots may hold them back, so they can enjoy the personal fulfillment that comes from being an authentic, effective and inspired leader.