Business and Sales Strategy

Organizations today are often looking for outside expertise to guide a specific project or strategy. Maria brings significant experience with large and small organizations as well as post graduate business education and recognized coaching credentials. She also has outside affiliations with other experts to expand her service capabilities.

Inspired Strategies specializes in the following areas of Business and Sales Strategy.

Strategic Planning – This may be for the whole organization or a specific division. Inspired Strategies brings a pragmatic approach, using a blend of coaching and consulting styles to uncover opportunities and put them to work. Maria uses a proven structure and collaborative style and can include relevant market research.

Strategic Sales Planning – Sales productivity is critical to success. It is important to identify an overall sales strategy for your division as well as for each of your salespeople. Inspired Strategies provides a comprehensive structure to develop a sales strategy that will work for your people. Maria brings experience in every level of sales from front line to senior management.

Business Development Planning for Small Business – Many professionals who go into their own businesses are looking for assistance with sales skills and strategies in order to grow their business. Inspired Strategies helps a business think about their ideal customers and plan how they will reach them.