It is interesting to observe what we say when we introduce ourselves to others.  Usually, it is something like,  “Hi, I’m ….. and I work at ……. .   We generally then refer to people that way as well, such as “He’s …. and works at…..

But does that really say anything about who we are?    Wouldn’t it be interesting if we picked one important piece of who we are as a person and stated that instead.   “Hi, I’m ….. and I really enjoy …..   .   Or I’m ….. and the thing I am most excited about right now is …..   

Imagine how much more quickly that connections with others would occur.     For example, if you told me that you were most excited about an upcoming trip, how could I  resist from asking you about it and striking up a conversation?   Compare that response to what happens when you state your name and where you work.   Sometimes people will ask more about what you do, especially if they know the company, but it is more of a struggle to get that connection going. 

With social media, we accomplish some of this through Facebook or Linkedin , when people read your profile or Wall.  However, when we meet in person, we tend to default back to the formal and boring introduction.  

Next time you are in a group setting with new people, try to give others an interesting tidbit about yourself as part of your introduction and see what happens.   Then ask them what they are excited about right now!


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