In the wake of Wikileaks, organizational  leaders and small business owners should  be thinking about their policies for protecting their sensitive information, not just from external attacks, but from internal “leakers”.  Examples of types of sensitive information are customer credit card information, health information, customer confidential information, intellectual property, and business critical information.    Think about all the ways that information can leave your site, such as e-mail, saving to a smart phone or memory stick, or printing, not to mention being posted on social media sites, or even wiki’s.   

Additionally, a few people are always looking for an easy way to make their mark and the online world has opened up new opportunities for them to do this by uncovering and publishing  information that you would rather have stayed confidential.  

You may not have reviewed your policies for Data Loss Prevention in awhile and the technology of “leaking” is rapidly changing.   For small companies, this is simpler but still critical, especially if you perform contract work for larger organizations.  For larger organizations, there are many things to consider.    I am no expert on this but I thought for a start, I would share this video from RSA, an insurance company specializing in data loss prevention.  The presenter puts forward some some good ideas to think about.   

Enjoy the video!

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