I had the privilege to thank Leslie O’Donoghue of Agrium for her inspiring talk to over 400 women this week at the Women of Influence luncheon in Calgary.    Leslie is the Chief Legal Officer and Sr VP of Business Development for Agrium.  She talked about taking risks and stepping out of our comfort zone, which she has done a number of times in her career.  You have probably heard that theme before but a key point she made  was to find mentors and support in the workplace and elsewhere in order to be successful in new situations and reduce the risk of failure.    This is often overlooked as people flounder and encounter great stress in a new job or situation.   So my 2 questions for you today are:

1) What risk are you currently hesitant to take although the reward could be great?

2) Who can you find to offer mentoring or other support for this decision?


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