The Competition Bureau and the Canadian Real Estate Association have come to an agreement regarding how the MLS (multiple listing service) can be used by its members.     This will likely represent some significant changes in the traditional commission structures offered to clients and will represent both issues and opportunities for real estate agents.  People selling their homes will see more options and start to demand new service and price models.    Real estate agents who can adapt and develop concepts that serve target markets will likely thrive and others may not.    Already, there are various concepts coming forward varying from limited service to full service at various price points. See the link for more details on this.

This highlights the  importance of dealing with change and underlines the importance of being able to adapt to new realities.   Part of strategic planning is to scan the environment for new factors that can affect you.     This applies to organizations and also to individuals within organizations.   

So here’s a question for you.     What types of social, political, technical, economic or environmental changes are happening right now  that could have an impact on you?   Pick one and think about the negative impact it could have,  and then decide how you can capitalize on it.        


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