This past week reminded me of the amazing things that happen for people when they have a vision of what they want.     Regardless of your politics, we have to be inspired by Naheed Nenshi, who won the mayor’s chair in   Calgary. He came from behind, was no where near the favourite in the beginning, and managed to inspire enough Calgarians to choose him as mayor on October 18th.   Another exciting event happened the same night when Gael MacLeod became the alderman of Ward 4, up against 10 others and a relatively unknown figure at the outset.   Both of these people had strong visions and strategies.    In addition, two of my coaching clients had amazing breakthrough’s this week on projects that they were working on, where opportunities came to them that they never expected.     As a coach, I help people create an environment for possibilities, and yet I am always in awe of the power of having a vision and strategy, then allowing opportunities to unfold.

My question to you is:    What is your vision for your future?     Write it down and keep refining it until it feels real and gives you energy.    Then go after it – this will not be a straight line, but you will be amazed at things that will show up if you are observant.  


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