When you are CEO of your life, that means that you are Chief Executive Officer but also “Chief Emotional Officer” of your life.   Almost every major decision that you make will have significant emotional  context, even though you likely have logic driving it as well.  Think about buying a house, buying a car, getting married, getting divorced, taking a new job, investing your money….I could go on.    Here is an example:  Gene is looking at buying a car and although it is pricier than he had planned to spend, he buys it because of how it looks.     Actually, it is not how it looks that drives his decision, but how the way it looks makes him feel!  (emotions)  Every good salesperson knows that they will sell more if they can tap into our emotional side. 

The main point is this.  Be  aware of what emotions drive your decisions.   A couple of Emotional Intelligence factors that commonly relate to decisions are Problem Solving and Impulse Control.  Problem Solving  measures how likely you are to set out a plan of how you will make a decision, and Impulse Control measures how likely you are to make a decision without following your plan.   When you are feeling excited, angry, depressed or other strong emotions, pause before making an important decision.    Have a written plan for how you will make a decision and make sure that it takes into account what your weak points are, when it comes to emotions.   Read it over when you feel a strong impulse to buy something to see how the idea fits….or doesn’t.     And maybe give yourself a cheap treat instead !


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