I’ve been following the stories about how environmentalists in the US and the UK have been criticizing  Alberta due to the oil sands and saw the following headline from the Calgary Herald “Alberta tourism sector feels wrongly targeted in anti-oilsands ads”    http://www.calgaryherald.com/business/Alberta+tourism+sector+feels+wrongly+targeted+anti+sands/3430808/story.html    We could ask, “ Why is this happening to such a fine province as Alberta with all the natural beauty and other great businesses and people that are there”?  There are many possible answers and discussions on this topic, but the bottom line is that Alberta’s brand is being tarnished and now people are making plans to visit elsewhere as a result.  

This reminded me of how often people can be perceived far differently than they want to be and the consequences of that.  Unfortunately, even though our parents might have told us not to worry about what others think of us, it is extremely important that others understand and value who we are.    We could easily substitute a hypothetical personal situation into this sentence, such as “Bob feels wrongly targeted by comments made by his colleagues about his lack of dedication to the team    So what can “Bob” do about this?     His brand image is being tarnished and is not what he wants to portray.    The first step is to determine what he wants his brand to say about him.   An interesting exercise is to ask yourself these three questions.

  1. What do others say about me now?
  2. What do I want them to say that fits with who I am and my personal vision for myself?
  3. How do I start making that happen?

What are your experiences with personal branding?     What have you done to work on your brand image?    Comment on this page or e-mail me at maria@inspiredstrategies.ca

Maria Saley, MBA, CEC

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  1. Milks says:

    I really like this site and have been a constant follower of your blog and will,without doubt continue to do so. Content is valueable for me!! Excellent job. Keep at it!

  2. msaley says:

    Thanks for your comment – I appreciate the feedback.

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