I just finished reading “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert and she used this quote by Sextus, “The wise man is always similar to himself”, to describe how she finally realized how important it was to follow her natural character, instead of trying to be someone else.  There are numerous examples of the power of authentic  leadership in the business world cited by authors such as Marcus Buckingham and Jim Collins.  The challenge in this for many people is being clear about who you are to start with.   How can you be similar to yourself if you are not sure who “yourself” really is?    If you have worked in the corporate world for many years, chances are that you have developed ideas about who you think you should be and you may have learned how to be some of those things, at least on the surface.    However, your energy and potential are greatly diminished if you are not able to work from your natural strengths and interests.   When I coach people to “Be the CEO of your Life”, we always start with defining who you are and developing a vision that builds on this.  This can be hard work and often takes some time.  However, once you have a clear vision, then that can guide your actions.   One thing you can do to start on this is:  Notice what projects seem to come more easily to you and give you energy when you are doing them or thinking about doing them.   Write them down and ask yourself – what is there about them that I enjoy?      In future posts, I will explore other ideas related to being the CEO of your Life .   Reply to this post with your questions or thoughts on this or send them to me at info@inspiredstrategies.ca  

Maria Saley

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